Da Hong Pao clay Xishi Chaozhou Pot by Master Lin 大红袍西施壶



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A classic with 500 years of history, this is a Xi Shi shape made with 朱泥大红袍, zhu ni da hong pao clay; fully handmade from Master Lin in Chaozhou. Each teapot is made individually with functionality and design in mind. Each holds their own unique characteristics. A must for your teapot collection, especially with time and care.

Zhu Ni Da Hong Pao ore is yellow-brown color, the magic happens during firing, turning it into a deep red-orange color. To fire these works without breaking takes skills. The teapot exhibits a fine glass and the red tone ages well. Suitable for lightly roasted oolongs and yan cha (rock teas).

Season with your choice of tea. As always, never wash it with soap or anything other than water. I recommend rinsing with boiling tea water and wait for it to cool down before your first use.




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