Si Ting Chaozhou Pot by Master Lin 思亭壶



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Named after its creator, 陆思亭 Lu Si Ting, a Qing Dynasty pottery artist, this gourd-shaped teapot is fully handmade from Master Lin in Chaozhou. The curved mouth rises from the body, making it distinctive from other pot bodies.

Chaozhou red clay pots differ from Yixing not only due to the skills required for crafting, but also the clay body. When tapped, you hear a higher-pitched bell sound. The lids and walls of the pots are thinner, thus reducing the heat retention slightly making it suitable not just for dan cong and other oolongs, but also more fragile teas with brighter notes.

Season with your choice of tea. As always, never wash it with soap or anything other than water. I recommend rinsing with boiling tea water and wait for it to cool down before your first use.


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