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Let it brew

        There are multiple components to a perfect cup of tea. Growing up, I was unaware of the minuscule details that went into each pour. The adults decant the simmering water into the gai wan. Between laughter and snacks, we let the time pass with each sip. Each cup bringing out more of the fragrance; back to the Spring at Phoenix mountains, back to the Autumn at Wuyi mountains, back to the rainy days on Yunnan soils.

        Of course, as a child, all I knew was to drink it. I came to realize the wealth of knowledge awaiting to be discovered when I left home in China. Gong fu tea was a part of my upbringing, a part of everyday life of China, the birth place of all teas.

        In the following posts, we will dissect the components that make a honest cup of tea. A tea that brings justice to its origin and the hands that helped maintain its natural flavor and nutrients.

Shall we brew?

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