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Are you a Teaphile? Share a cup of tea with new and old friends, virtually or in-person. 


Teaphile has been offering tea tastings and tea education courses to groups of 6 to 300+. You can now book a virtual session with Annie in the comfort of your own home, or at a time of your convenience and a location of your choosing for in-person meetings.  In this hour long tasting, we will taste a selection of hand-picked teas and learn about the basics of the folk tradition of gongfu cha brewing. 

For virtual tasting:
Each participant will receive 3 tea samples prior to the scheduled tasting time. Each participant will go through a guided tasting using the tools from their homes.   

For in-person tasting: 
Annie will brew and serve 3-5 teas using gongfu cha tools.
Each participant will go through a guided tasting with traditional Chinese snacks served. 

For more information on pricing and question, email    Looking for something more interactive and informal?  We have teamed-up with our friends and coffee connoisseurs at Vibrantry to create tea and coffee beverage events and more. Click here for more information.