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n: a lover of the art and craft of camellia sinensis. 

Growing up in Guangdong, China, gongfu cha as a practice and philosophy made an impact on me from a young age. The farther I am from home, the more I find comfort in reconnecting to simplicity, to a feeling that predates a description with words.

Teaphile is committed to spreading the knowledge of Chinese gongfu tea. We have been making consciously-sourced single-origin artisan teas more accessible since 2016. Our teas are grown and harvested from small family-owned farms in China. Each tea is harvested and handcrafted with care in small batches using traditional techniques.

By expanding an open dialogue between tea makers and tea lovers, Teaphile is dedicated to practicing and perfecting the discipline of gongfu tea. We strive to incorporate the lessons tea offers to us, one leaf at a time.      

Dialogues centered on traditions, empowering the community, and an appreciation of craftsmanship, we extend our invitation to engage your senses.

Are you a teaphile?


Teaphile is driven to deepen the understanding of heritage and traditions through gongfu tea as a folk art. Tracing the diaspora of tea, we bring you handcrafted single-origin teas. 


Community: we support family farms producing artisan teas with traditional techniques.

Quality: we visit the farms annually and select quality leaves based on the season’s harvest in order to deliver the best flavor profile possible.

Sustainability: we use recyclable materials for packaging.

Traditions: we strive to continue community-centered practices and make traditional gongfu tea more accessible.

Mindful Consumption: we focus on working with producers and clientele whose values align with our own in a common mission to honor tradition and bring people together through a higher level of awareness of what we put into our bodies, how we spend our money, and what kind of relationships we are cultivating with each other and with mother nature. Each of our actions derive from the awareness that our individual consumption has a larger impact than our direct experience. We strive to contribute in ways that impact the best interests of our community.