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Tea is a subjective experience, an ever-evolving dialogue.

Here are my suggestions as you approach a new tea.

Adjust the amount of leaves and brewing time according to your preference. Experiment and enjoy!⚖️⏳ Brewing Tips:

工夫茶 Gongfu cha: 5g / 100 ml, infuse for 10 - 30 seconds. Repeat until the leaves are brewed out. 

馬克杯 Mug brewing: 5g / 300 ml, infuse for 3 - 5 minutes. Repeat.

冷泡茶 Cold brewing: 5g - 8g / 30 oz room temperature water, leave in the fridge overnight.


🌡️ Temperature:

綠茶/白茶 Green and Fresh White Tea: 85°C  / 176°F

烏龍茶/紅茶 Oolong and Red Tea: 96°C / 205°F 

生/熟普洱/老白茶 Aged Tea (Sheng Pu’er, Shu pu’er; Aged White Tea): 96°C  / 205°F. Rinse twice before brewing.