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Phoenix Song Zhong 單叢宋種

Phoenix Song Zhong 單叢宋種

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Type: dan cong oolong

Origin: Chaozhou, Guangdong

Are you ready for this dan cong propagated from the OG Phoenix trees from 1300 years ago? Everytime I treat myself to this oolong, I am floored by the layers of flavor and aroma. Goji, tropical fruit, and a minty aftertaste. Medium roasted to a perfect balance, this is an elegant and exquisite tea, this dan cong is intense without being overpowering. Reserved to make the highest quality of Phoniex teas, these leaves brew a vibrant and mellow tea liquor. 


2 oz loose leaf 

Brewing Tips:

5g/100 ml using 98 Celsius water (near boiling). Start with 5-10 second infusions.

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